The American software company Aptean has purchased the Optiware group.

Aptean is a global business with more than 1,700 employees providing industry-specific software solutions, including ERP, supply chain management and compliance solutions, to more than 2,500 companies within more than 20 trade in 54 countries. Aptean is equally owned by the two private equity funds Vista Equity Partners and TA Associates.

Optiware, with its principal office in Denmark, is the result of a merger between API Maintenance Systems and AXXOS Industry Systems. Optiware provides industrial software by way of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Prior to the merger, Optiware was owned by the Danish capital fund Capidea.

The purpose of Aptean’s acquisition of Optiware is to increase Aptean’s presence in Europe, which is a strategically important area of growth for Aptean.

In cooperation with Orrick, Horten advised Aptean in connection with the transaction.


Thomas Francis Beckett


Marie Funch Lind

Director, Attorney