Experience and expertise within tax and duties

Horten’s tax department is a dedicated team that provides in-house tax advice, especially within M&A, banking and finance law, real estate, corporate commercial, public law and employment law. The team also advises a large number of stand-alone clients, including Danish and international enterprises, banks, pension companies, pension funds and property companies, Danish municipalities and municipal supply utilities, private equity funds and (primarily wealthy) individuals.

We combine business understanding with in-depth professional knowledge and ensure as professional and innovative advisers that our clients obtain the best possible basis for making and implementing commercial decisions. We tailor our advice to the needs of the individual client and always seek simple and operational solutions which add value to the client and are easy to understand.

The tax team advises on all matters relating to taxes and duties, but holds a market-leading position within the focus areas mentioned further below.

What we do

  • Purchase and sale of companies/M&A

    Correct tax management is decisive in all forms of transactions. Horten’s tax team has many years’ experience as an innovative adviser to our clients in all phases of M&A.

    We advise both in connection with very large Danish and foreign M&A transactions and in connection with a number of small and medium-sized transactions.

    On the seller side, our advice comprises optimisation of the seller’s and the management's tax position in connection with sale and reinvestment, vendor financing, review of sales agreements, bonus and incentive programmes, contact with tax authorities, etc.

    On the buyer side, we advise on the structuring of acquisitions and finance, tax due diligence investigations, structuring reports and cash flow statements, carry taxation of capital fund partners, review of purchase agreements, bonus and incentive programmes, contact with tax authorities, etc.

  • Tax procedures and binding rulings

    Horten’s tax team advises on tax procedures at all levels. This may be in the initial dialogue with SKAT in a tax audit, appeals against SKAT’s decisions with the National Tax Tribunal and conducting tax cases before the District Courts, the High Courts and the Supreme Court.

    Our advice within tax procedures includes cases concerning tax, VAT and duties.

    We also assist with obtaining binding rulings and handling the procedure, including the negotiations with SKAT and process management, appearing before the National Tax Board (if relevant) and handling a subsequent appeal case concerning the binding ruling.

  • Incentive pay

    Horten advises on all forms of incentive pay and assists with structuring, drafting and implementing incentive programmes. Our team has wide experience within both share-based compensation (shares, warrants and options) and cash compensation (phantom shares, bonus, etc.).

    We have practical experience within all types of enterprises - from listed companies and venture portfolio companies to small companies. We focus on providing comprehensive advice where tax does not stand alone, but includes other relevant practice areas, including company law, employment law, financial regulation and securities law.

    We assist with valuations in connection with grant, exercise and sale of share instruments - also in cooperation with the company's auditor or external valuation experts depending on the specific situation.

  • Tax insurance

    Horten's tax team advises on both the tax aspects of transaction insurance (W&I) and insurance products uncovering isolated tax-specific risks.

    In recent years, we have advised insurance companies in a number of high-profile cases on e.g. withholding tax obligations.

  • Purchase and structuring of real estate

    Horten's real estate and construction team is among the largest and leading real estate teams in Denmark. Our tax team is an integrated part of the real estate and construction team and provides tax advice on the selection of buyer structure, tax optimisation and purchase of Danish real estate and planning of optimisation in connection with subsequent sales.

    We have in-depth knowledge about the VAT challenges in connection with purchase, sale and development/construction of real estate and have acted as advisers to major players on the market in the majority of the recent development projects in the Copenhagen region.

    Our advice also includes optimisation of Danish registration tax in connection with sale of real estate.

  • The financial sector

    Horten's tax team has in-depth knowledge about the regulatory rules within the financial sector and their interaction with the tax rules in the area. We have assisted a number of financial companies with implementing incentive programmes that are tax efficient and comply with the regulatory rules of the Financial Business Act.

    We also assist with the drafting of prospectuses concerning financial products and in connection with Danish tax qualification of Danish and foreign financial products.

  • Generational succession

    Horten’s tax team has many years' experience advising on ownership transfer in connection with generational succession. We advise on all phases of ownership transfer and implement and manage the process from A to Z.

    Our advice includes identification of the best tax models for the ownership transfer and the more detailed planning and structuring of the ownership transfer. It is essential to ensure that the selected model is correct, and, as part of the clarification phase, we always prepare a resolution proposal with simulation of potential savings in connection with the ownership transfer to highlight the various tax optimisations at an early stage of the process.

    We also advise on the financing of ownership transfers in connection with generational succession, including by gift, debt and operations (dividend) and assist with valuation of companies - if required, in cooperation with the company’s auditor or external valuation experts depending on the specific situation.

    We also assist with obtaining tax permissions and approvals related to generational succession.

    Our advice within ownership transfer in connection with generational succession is comprehensive and includes aspects of inheritance law and other related practice areas.

Our tax & duties team

Henrik Stig Lauritsen


Thomas Booker


Janne Kastrup-Larsen


Martin Lars Mols Jensen


What makes Horten’s tax practice great is the combination of professional knowledge, but also the ability to make adjustments.

Legal 500, 2024

Honesty and transparency. Not too fancy or “smart” behaviour, high quality output and high level of reflection

Legal 500, 2024

Horten’s tax team holds a solid body of knowledge within its members. The team is quick to adapt to the problems presented to them and are available and willing to step in at short notice. You feel equally comfortable in presenting them with transactions, disputes or complex legal analyses which speaks to the wide capabilities of the team.

Legal 500, 2024

The practitioners demonstrate deep knowledge of international tax regulations, with very timely responses to queries.

Chambers Europe, 2024

Horten's team has strong skills in complex M&A-related tax matters.

Chambers Europe, 2024

Horten covers many different legal areas and has the expertise to deliver high-quality service. The lawyers are quick to respond to enquiries.

Chambers, 2023

The lawyers are good at explaining every matter in detail in a nice way.

Chambers, 2023

Are experts within their field, effective and have a good overview of the cases.

Chambers, 2021

Ability to give high-quality legal support in a very to-the-point manner and in a very suitable format.

Chambers, 2021