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Horten’s corporate team provides Danish and international clients with targeted advice regarding all aspects of stock exchange law – and always from a business perspective.

Horten’s advisers draw on both national and international experience. We advise Danish and international clients about all aspects of Danish stock exchange law – including the issue of foreign securities in Denmark.

Often companies are in need of advice covering several legal areas. In order to target the right advice and support, we always focus on the company’s needs. For every client, we tailor a team that ensures our client a complete and coherent solution regarding the legal issues that are related to trading on the stock exchange. Our team therefore includes expertise from corporate law, venture capital and private equity, mergers and acquisitions, finance law and tax law.

what we do

  • listed companies

    Listed companies are subject to a number of rules regulating the companies’ ethical and business conduct. Horten has extensive experience in advising listed companies - including companies admitted for listing on First North and Danish AMP. Among others we advice on matters relating to:

    • The company’s duty of disclosure
    • Insider trade and price manipulation
    • The management and the company’s trade in company stock
    • Drafting and implementing internal rules

    Our corporate team furthermore assists with specialized advice regarding structuring and carrying through security-based incentive programmes for the company’s employees and management. 

  • Initial public offerings, changes in capital structure and delisting

    Initial public offerings, capital increases and reductions as well as delisting require specialized legal advice and insight into the dynamics of the capital market. Horten assists Danish and international companies in raising the necessary capital in connection with such transactions./p>

    On the investor side, we advice among other things on: 

    •   Shareholders 
    •   Investment banks 
    •   Issue banks 
    •   Other players

    Our corporate team represents both companies and investors, which gives us invaluable expertise and insight into how Danish and international capital markets work. We have particular experience in: 

    •   Initial public offerings and reverse listings 
    •   Admission for listing 
    •   Issue of primary shares 
    •   Direct issues 
    •   Placement of listed shares 
    •   Capital reductions

    Sparring partner on initial public offerings 

    When a company is about to make an initial public offering, we act as a sparring partner throughout the entire process. We advise about the company’s options and challenges based on preliminary investigations and analyses and the actual initial public offering. In collaboration with our client, we make sure to adjust the company’s legal terms and internal rules so that they live up to the requirements for a listed company. In relation to this, we also participate in drafting prospects – including verifications and regulatory announcements. 

    Changes in capital structure

    We advise about the company’s options and challenges connected with raising capital and/or capital reductions. In this connection, we also participate in drafting prospects, including verifications and regulatory announcements. We handle the contact to relevant markets and authorities. 


    When delisting a company, we contribute by creating a constructive process through targeted advice about procedures for delisting a company as well as drafting the necessary documents. We handle the contact to relevant markets and authorities. 

    Special expertise in trading securities on First North

    Horten has achieved extensive knowledge about trading on the alternative market place First North. We advise companies that wish to introduce securities for trade on First North or are in need of general advice on the area. Both Danish and international clients can benefit from our expertise within this area. 

  • takeover bids

    Horten advises buyers, sellers and companies that are the target of a takeover about all aspects of a public takeover – including establishing a defence against hostile takeover attempts.

    Our corporate team has experience in both voluntary and hostile takeovers. We advise Danish and international clients about the rules that apply to takeover bids and help with drafting the necessary documentation in connection with creating both a bid and acceptance. We furthermore help with targeted advice regarding taking over a controlling interest and compulsory redemption of minority shareholders.

    Horten ensures efficient planning and implementation of takeovers. We handle the contact to relevant markets and authorities. In connection with international takeover bids, we offer optimum Danish and international expertise through our collaborations with foreign law firms.

  • Securities trading

    Horten advises Danish and international players about all legal rules and problems regarding securities trading. When advising about securities trading, Horten’s experienced lawyers always include the rules about good securities trading practices. For companies in need of more than initial public offerings, Horten assists with issuing and private placement of unlisted securities. 

our team

Lise Lotte Hjerrild


Jacob Kornerup


Hans Christian Pape


Jim Øksnebjerg


Søren Toft Bjerreskov

Senior Attorney

Rune Koster

Assistant Attorney

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Junior Associate