Horten is represented in Greenland by its associated partner in Nuuk, Nuna Law Firm, established in Nuuk 50 years ago and the leading law firm in Greenland.

We therefore have a quite unique insight into and experience in Greenlandic conditions.

In line with the development in Greenland, there is an increasing need for suppliers within oil, gas and minerals and for investors and companies to participate in the development of other industries, infrastructures, construction projects, etc.

Investments in and establishment of companies in Greenland require a fundamental understanding of Greenlandic conditions and knowledge of statutory requirements, but also of the many special circumstances prevailing in Greenland - practical as well as human.

Experience and expertise in Greenlandic matters

Together, Nuna Law Firm and Horten provide legal advice on all Greenlandic matters based on many years of local experience and presence in Nuuk together with highly specialized legal expertise in Copenhagen.

The huge potential of oil and gas and the evolving mining industry in Greenland have resulted in increasing focus worldwide within recent years. A number of multinational companies domiciled in North America, Australia and Europe are now involved in exploration and exploitation activities in Greenland, and Nuna Law Firm has assisted many of these companies.

For many years, Horten has also advised clients on infrastructure and supply and has to a substantial extent assisted with the establishment of public-private partnerships – in both the public and private part of the sector.

Our legal expertise also includes company formation, company law, M&A, joint venture and consortium agreements, cooperation agreements, civil works and employment matters, including employment conditions and work permits.

Our Greenland desk team

Søren Hornbæk Svendsen


Klavs Gravesen

Partner (L)

Christian Tullberg

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