Concurrently with the developing recovery of the real estate market, the construction sector has also started to gain momentum. In these years, numerous comprehensive public construction projects are being completed; many of which are financed in cooperation with private parties in partnerships governed by complex rules.

In addition to focus on alternative finance forms and new investment opportunities, there is focus within the building and construction sector on greater energy efficiency and climate adaptation to ensure that the existing building stock is designed to meet future requirements.

Experience and expertise within real estate

Horten has wide experience in purchase/sale of real estate, construction and development projects, public construction projects, leases, financing of real estate projects and transactions and energy optimisation, climate adaptation and environmental issues.

When initiating consulting cooperation, we will always look at the company as a whole. We base our advice on commercial understanding of our client's business to optimise the bottom line together. We offer an aggregate forward-looking solution covering all legal aspects of our client's business. In addition to our wide experience within the traditional area of the real estate sector such as contract drafting, negotiation and leases, we also advise on tax, environmental planning, financing and regulation.

We also contribute with considerable experience from a large number of international cases and cooperation with experts all over the world. This implies that our clients obtain access to local knowledge, which is often a prerequisite for success.

Professional advice for the real estate sector

  • Owners and contractors

    A successful contract is based on a solid foundation and a thoroughly drafted contract. This applies to contracts between owners, contractors, architects and subcontractors, but also to professional services agreements and finance guarantees.

    Today's increasing environmental taxes also make it even more important to focus on environmentally sound construction. The operational costs of the finished construction must be as low as possible, and it is therefore important to be innovative throughout. We have in-depth knowledge of all the rules and standards of sustainable construction, and we ensure that our clients' projects are legally sustainable as well. If disputes arise in connection with a construction project, we have wide experience conducting litigation - both before the ordinary courts and before arbitration tribunals. 

    In connection with the different stages of a construction project, we advise on the following:

  • investors

    Today's investors have ample opportunities within the real estate sector, e.g. in connection with the public sector having introduced more private cooperation and actual partnerships, e.g. PPP's. Our team follows the development closely, e.g. alternative financing models and provision of funding.

    In addition, we advise on the following:

  • leases

    Rent is often one of the largest items in a company's budget and is fixed for a long period of time. It is therefore essential for both the lessee and the lessor to negotiate a commercially viable lease agreement. It is a fundamental prerequisite to ensure a viable lease agreement that there is focus not only on fixing the proper rent level, but also on the operational costs. Our knowledge of the sector and our wide experience negotiating and drafting lease agreements enable us to ensure permanent solutions together with our clients. If a dispute should arise during a lease, we are also ready to provide assistance. 

    We may assist with the following:

Our real estate team

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