The strategic and economic significance of IP has developed intensely in recent decades, and the development seems to continue at a very rapid pace. IP is therefore the most important asset or one of the most important assets to an increasing number of companies. Moreover, the rules governing IP are changing continuously to reflect the rapidly changing technological and commercial reality. The rules are becoming increasingly complicated and internationalised, which imposes substantial demands on companies' ability to navigate.

There is thus a great demand for advanced and highly specialised IP advice if companies are to obtain optimal conditions for developing, exploiting and protecting their IP potential. And IP expertise cannot stand alone as companies' products and marketing are increasingly regulated by complex acts and executive orders or by EU regulation. 

Experience and expertise within IP

At Horten, we have kept abreast of the development and, today, we have one of the largest and most specialised IP teams advising companies within all areas of IP, including regulatory advice where relevant.

We have advised Danish and foreign companies and authorities on IP through many years and have thus gained insight into various industries and sectors as well as the commercial reality and challenges facing companies.

We offer our in-depth IP expertise and experience within specific legal disciplines such as patents, trademarks, design, parallel imports and copyright.

We have a comprehensive international network and cooperate closely with foreign IP experts across the world. Therefore, we also have great insight into IT issues and special regulation in many countries on a global level.

We are among the law firms with the most experience in IP litigation. Through the years, we have conducted many cases - often high-profile cases of general public importance - before all courts, including the European Court of Justice, as an advisor to Danish and foreign companies.

As mentioned, our IP advice is not restricted to pure legal advice, but involves also a strategic and commercial angle with high standards of integrity and creative thinking.

Our IP experts' detailed knowledge of regulatory affairs and in-depth insight into industries in which intellectual property law plays an important role include e.g. Life Science & Healthcare (including pharmaceuticals, medico, biotech and foods), Media & Entertainment as well as IT.

We also work intensively on the often very complicated, increasingly comprehensive and cross-border IP infringements via the Internet. Our IP and IT law experts have great technological insight into digital platforms and media and the new constantly developing technological means of communication.

What we do

  • Drafting IP strategies
  • Strategic considerations on IP issues
  • Enforcement of rights
  • Transfer, cooperation on and licensing of rights
  • Litigation concerning infringement, validity and restraining injunctions - including preservation of evidence
  • Disputes before national and international administrative bodies and arbitration tribunals
  • Due diligence in connection with M&A and transfers of assets
  • Management of rights portfolios, including clearing, application, registration, maintenance of trademarks, domains and design.
  • UPC

    The Unified Patent Court (UPC) is a common European court specialising in the enforcement of patents. The UPC will provide a uniform, specialised and efficient framework for patent litigation at European level, handling both infringement and revocation actions. The Court will have exclusive jurisdiction over European patents with unitary effect (unitary patents) as well as "classical" European patents.

    The new court thus represents a radical and long-awaited change to the system that patent holders have had to navigate so far. Naturally, this comes with new challenges and opportunities that patent holders should be prepared for.

    At Horten, we have a dedicated team of specialists within patent law. We advise on all aspects of patent law in both non-contentious and contentious patent matters. We regularly conduct patent litigation before the Danish courts, including cases in major international litigation complexes.

    More on UPC

  • Product imitations 

    Horten has wide experience in cases concerning product imitations, including litigation. We assist Danish and foreign companies in connection with planning, commercialisation and enforcement of their design rights. We also have comprehensive experience in transfer and licensing of design rights.

    Our clients are from all areas where product design plays a special role, and we advise Danish and foreign companies of all sizes.

  • Patents and utility models 

    Horten is among the leading law firms within patent law. Our patent attorneys have in-depth expertise within:

    • Litigation concerning infringement, validity and restraining injunctions.
    • Agreements on transfer of patents, patent licences, research agreements, development agreements, secrecy agreements, etc.
    • Due diligence examinations in connection with M&A, audits, etc.
    • Strategic considerations concerning enforcement of patents, commercialisation, etc.
    • Coordination of international cases

    We are capable of providing expert advice requiring technical knowledge and understanding and quickly understand complicated characteristics regarding the patented product and the market conditions on which the individual patent owner operates. We are involved both on the strategic and the tactical level, and we are creative, innovative and visionary in our advice.

    Our patent experts have wide experience in regulatory affairs, special insight into the Life Science sector, including medico and biotech, and a comprehensive network of leading patent agents and scientists in Denmark and abroad.

  • Trademarks

    Horten has solid experience advising all types of enterprises where trademarks and business features constitute an important asset and element in the company's strategy and market position. Our clients include Danish and foreign listed companies and global organisations.

    Our trademark experts have experience within all aspects of trademark law - from strategic planning and the establishment of exclusive rights to the execution, enforcement and management of rights. We are among the most experienced law firms within trademark disputes and have conducted many high-profile cases before Danish courts and the European Court of Justice.

    Horten has its own IP management team managing Danish and foreign companies' IP portfolios in cooperation with other leading foreign advisers from our international network. The team cooperates closely with the other teams thus ensuring advice that includes not only IP aspects, but also other legal, strategic and commercial aspects.

  • Parallel imports

    Horten is a leading advisor within parallel imports and has conducted numerous cases in this specific area. We have special expertise with regard to parallel imports within the clothing industry, Life Science, machinery and means of transportation.

    We advise companies with products that are subject to parallel imports as well as parallel importers.

  • Copyright

    Horten has many years' experience advising both authors and companies exploiting  works and products enjoying copyright protection. We assist in connection with:

    • Litigation (injunctions, civil cases and preservation of evidence)
    • Commercialisation
    • Assignment and licensing
    • Assessment of copyright protection

    In addition, Horten's copyright experts have wide experience conducting litigation regarding product imitations on the basis of the provisions of the Copyright Act and the Marketing Practices Act.

Our IP team

Asger Heine Jensen

Partner (H)

Jakob Krag Nielsen


Anne Louise Vinnes-Weibel

Senior Attorney

Maria Pilh Arendsdorf Bengtsen

Director, Attorney (L)

Anna Færch Hansen

Assistant Attorney

Caroline Bang

Assistant Attorney

Christian Hovmand Fogh

Assistant Attorney

Ida Bech Sanggaard

Assistant Attorney

Horten has a strong IP team with many different abilities. The team is lead by Jakob Krag Nielsen who has a strong profile within IP. Horten’s IP team have impressed me serval times with their ability to handle high-stakes litigation matters. Even in these complex litigations they are able to keep ahead on the strategic and tactical aspects of a case. Jakob Krag Nielsen is experienced within the life science sector and him and the team have shown an outstanding ability to understand our business and give advice tailored to our commercial needs.

Legal 500, 2024

From the very beginning of working with the Horten team you can instantly tell, that their handling of complex IP matters and their advice is characterized by their extensive experience combined with their attentiveness to trends and changes in the field.

Legal 500, 2024

The team is responsive, easy to work with, mindful of other peoples time and situation – in addition obviously to being extremely skilled in the craft. Also, it is one of few teams in Denmark with some diversity in patent litigation.’

Legal 500, 2024

Horten has a great team covering all aspects of IP. Its service levels and responsiveness are awesome. The lawyers are highly responsive and easy to communicate and work with.

Chambers Global, 2024

The team is very thorough and up to date on potentially new legislations.

Chambers Global, 2024

Horten’s IP team has an impressive ability to handle high-stake litigation matters, and even in these complex cases the lawyers are able to keep ahead on the strategic and tactical aspects of a case.

Chambers Global, 2024

The lawyers are very observant and service-minded. They always deliver a high-quality service and by the agreed deadline.

Chambers Global, 2024

The team has a good spread of competencies and seniority, and gets things done smoothly.

Chambers Global, 2024

The lawyers are proactive, providing practical advice and guidance.

Chambers, 2023

The Horten team is very specialized within IP, with great experience handling complex litigation and providing commercially suitable advice. The team has a broad expertise and is very capable in both complex and sophisticated matters.

Chambers, 2023

The team is very service-minded and responsive, and the lawyers are always on top of the situation. They have a high level of insight in the technical aspects of the sector and the legal challenges relevant to our business.

Chambers, 2023

Horten is a well-reputed law firm. Clients will find themselves very well received at Hortens, and their cases discussed at a high level of comprehension and attention to the tricky points.

Legal 500, 2022

One aspect that makes Horten’s IP team particularly nice to work with is that you as the client always feel safe that the advice you are given fits the commercial reality you are facing. Also impressive is Horten’s ability to handle assignments that involve multiple disciplines – which is usually needed in the brave new world of artificial intelligence and big data.

Legal 500, 2022