Businesses are on their toes. As the world changes around us, regulations must follow. The technological transformation is moving at the speed of light, and a hyperconnected reality makes new agendas arise so fast, there’s little time to understand one before the next shows up. As strategic and legal advisors we need to be curious, exploring new areas without always knowing where it will take us. Yes, you heard this from a law firm.

Horten is a full-service law firm with more than 70 years of experience and 350 specialists, all willing to take on new challenges, explore risks and identify opportunities with our clients.

We help leading organizations stay responsive within areas like banking and finance, real estate, green energy, tech, IP, and M&A, so they can make informed and confident decisions – sometimes even bold moves.

When the world changes, so do regulations.
Horten – Find a way.

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  • Business focus

    Horten is specialised within sectors characterised by strict regulation or where technological development and innovative approaches are fundamental - such as energy and supply, Life Science and Healthcare, IT, technology and media as well as the public sector. We use our special expertise within regulated areas proactively to solve complex problems and think innovatively, be it new energy forms, advanced technology or cooperation between public and private parties.
    We have many years' experience advising on the conflicting interests of the public and private sector, e.g. on complex PPP projects, conversion of public companies in the utilities sector or the development of entirely new technological markets in the gaming industry. 

    Here, we use our regulatory knowledge to the benefit of our clients. By combining advanced legal skills, a strategic approach and political understanding, we advise on entities and see new possibilities.

    We lead the way together with our clients as we are not afraid to ask questions and propose challenges. We focus our efforts on expanding and developing our services within sectors where regulation affects our clients' activities.

  • Culture

    At Horten, you are met by more than a suit. We dare to have an edge and exploit our differences. The recipe is courage, openness and foresight based on a strong and ambitious environment with respect for people and with a positive atmosphere. We do not hide behind the law and complicated terms. We communicate clearly, ensuring that everybody understands what we are saying.

    The values charactering Horten as a legal adviser and a business, are:

    • Ambition
    • Commitment
    • Integrity
    • Cooperativeness

  • Method

    The combination of professional skills and distinct business understanding makes Horten a strong and value-generating adviser - which you will quickly notice as our client. We have many years' experience in the field between law and strategy, between politics and practice. At Horten, we provide advice by combining legal expertise with a strategic approach and commercial understanding to be able to identify the best options for our clients. We put things into perspective, advising with a holistic approach.

    Our in-depth professional insight also means that we have an opinion on the areas we deal with - which is used actively to the benefit of our clients. We are working targeted, consistently and uncompromisingly when it comes to adding value to our clients.

    We are constantly challenging ourselves to be even better able to challenge you as a client, making a targeted effort to increase the knowledge of our clients' reality and needs.

  • Office

    Horten has offices in Hellerup, Aarhus and Herning.

    The head office in Hellerup is a modern and inspiring building designed by architects 3XN in 2009 with the future challenges for an ambitious law firm in mind and with a layout that supports new forms of cooperation.

    There are offices making room for tranquillity and concentration, while the common areas of the building are designed to house spontaneous meetings. The offices are placed around large open spaces instead of a corridor system, and the common areas are inspired by Italian market places where people are naturally brought together to discuss. The objective is to create the best setting for the sharing of knowledge and cooperation.

    Sustainability is central to Horten's office building. The building's energy consumption is 10 % below the energy requirements prevailing at the time of construction, and this is due to the special architecture of the building which contributes to reducing the energy used on cooling. All windows face north, thereby minimising direct sunlight in the offices and the need for cooling. The north-facing windows also contribute to improving the working light.

    The building is equipped with various energy-efficient solutions such as regulation of ventilation, heat, cooling, lighting via motion sensors, LED lighting and auto power-off.

    The canteen has a small vegetable garden on the roof terrace which supplies vegetables and herbs for the kitchen and has a beehive with own honey production.

    The office is Aarhus is located in one of the most central squares, Frederiks Plads, which is surrounded by a mix of residential buildings and offices designed by architects C.F. Møller. The office building has been awarded the sustainability certificate DGNB Gold, which involves requirements for the quality of material and their low environmental impact, reduced expenses for heat and maintenance for the lessees and an improved indoor climate and reduced noise limits to the benefit of the quality of life.


Christian Gregersen

Managing Partner

Mikkel Primdal Kæregaard

Partner, Chairman of the Board