Technology is developing faster than any other area we know today, making it imperative for businesses to keep up. Whether being an established IT company or a tech start-up, you need to be able to navigate the intersection of law, commerce and technology effectively.

As specialised IT lawyers, we do not only advise on technology-specific regulations; we possess a comprehensive understanding of your entire business and know/are well-acquainted with the numerous challenges in the tech area.

We can help you draft contracts that not only meet the necessary legal requirements but also address the complex challenges of the tech industry.

This includes legal requirements and complexities relating to data protection, IT contracts, patents, copyright and trademarks, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

Avoid disputes in the tech area

Far too often, insufficient time is allocated to assessing the legal aspects amidst the rapid tech rush, which can prove highly problematic.

Our clients typically contact us when disagreements have arisen or when a dispute is already a reality. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you reach out to us beforehand to minimise the risk of potential disputes or at least to reduce the potential adverse implications.

However, if a dispute has already arisen, we can help with everything raging from advice and negotiation to courtroom representation.

Our tech advice rests on four pillars:

1. IT law

We are specialised in IT law with drafting and negotiation of contracts relating to both hardware and software services. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of contracts such as IT supply contracts, IT tenders, and negotiations of various IT contracts, including outsourcing of IT services, development agreements, system procurement agreements and maintenance and support agreements. Additionally, we have extensive experience in managing IT supply disputes, including mediation, litigation, and arbitration.

2. Regulatory compliance

Our expertise includes New Tech regulations, advising the AI Act, the GDPR, the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the Digital Services Act (DSA); regulations that have swiftly filled a legal void in recent years. We stay updated on the latest regulatory challenges within Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), Quantum Computing and the like. This enables us to effectively address evolving challenges in these areas.

3. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity holds paramount importance in the tech area. We have extensive knowledge of legislation such as the NIS2 Directive, the NIS Act, the GDPR and the Data Protection Act, and understand the requirements these regulations impose on companies. Furthermore, we collaborate with various partners to jointly address complex cybersecurity challenges and ensure relevant, tailored, and effective solutions for our clients.

4. Telecommunications

With our experience from the telecommunications industry, telecom and telecom law are key components of our expertise. We advise on both the supplier and customer side, specialising in competition law matters within the telecom market. Our expertise covers, for example, contracts for the distribution of telecom services as well as the purchase and sale of infrastructure for building and maintaining networks.

Interdisciplinary expertise in the tech area

We recognise that technological developments often cross legal areas, and we therefore collaborate across disciplines to provide the best possible advice tailored to your business.

Thus, we operate as a coherent team with expertise from different branches of tech law. Our focus areas are:

Intellectual Property (IP)

We advise on every aspect of intellectual property law, assisting our clients in navigating through the complex world of intellectual property. Given the continuous evolution of IP regulations to reflect technological and commercial advancements, we remain vigilant in staying abreast of developments to ensure our clients receive relevant and effective advice. For more information.


We possess expertise in the media and entertainment industry and understand the legal complexities in this dynamic sector, including those pertaining to content production, distribution, and protection. For more information.

The GDPR (Data protection)

Having GDPR specialists on our team empowers us to handle the complex requirements of data protection legislation. We recognise that discussions about artificial intelligence and other technological advancements are intertwined with the requirements and responsibilities of the GDPR. Hence, our approach involves a holistic understanding of both technological innovations and data protection law. For more information.

IT law

Our team specialises in IT law and provides comprehensive advice on contracts relating to IT services, IT supply, and other aspects of IT regulation. We are deeply committed to supporting our clients in navigating the complexities of IT law, ensuring that our clients comply with applicable regulations.

Overall, we provide holistic and integrated counsel that addresses the regulatory and legal challenges that our clients encounter in the tech area.

Our Tech team

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Partner (H)

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Caroline Bang

Assistant Attorney

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Assistant Attorney

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