Our experience and expertise

Horten's German Desk consists of Danish and German lawyers with many years' experience in Danish-German legal issues. We help you avoid and prevent situations of conflict between Danish and German law.

Our German Desk lawyers have thorough knowledge of not only the legal systems of the two countries, but also in-depth understanding of the cultures and traditions of both countries. We believe that this is crucial as many misunderstandings are caused by a lack of understanding of the different cultures and approaches adopted in the two countries rather than by actual language barriers.

We consider it a significant strength to be able to advise our clients in both Danish and German. All Horten's German Desk lawyers speak and write Danish and German fluently.

In some cases, there may be problems requiring special German legal expertise. In such situations, we have close relations with several specialist attorneys in Germany. We cooperate with several law firms to be able to select the right lawyer for the case at hand - based on both a legal and a geographical assessment.

What we do  

  • The rules on ownership reservation 
  • Purchase/sale of companies and assets, e.g. wind turbines and land 
  • Distribution agreements 
  • Claims against bankruptcy estates
  • Posting and secondment to Germany 
  • Matters concerning real estate, e.g. lease agreements.

our team

Søren Hornbæk Svendsen


Frans Rossen


Henriette Soja


Claus Bennetsen