Experience and expertise within rent legislation

Horten's real estate team has many years' practical and theoretical experience advising on rent legislation. We represent both lessees and lessors and are therefore familiar with the problems from both sides of the table.

We have wide experience within the real estate sector and the property rental market, and we have a broad network among the market players. This means that we are abreast of the current trends and are able to help our clients be at the leading edge of market developments.

We have wide experience conducting litigation before the housing tribunal, the high courts and the Supreme Court and arbitration proceedings concerning issues relating to rent legislation and advice on the negotiation of lease agreements, vacation, termination and cases concerning market rent. 

Our clients

Our clients include property investors, pension funds, capital funds, international lessees, developers, municipalities, state-owned companies and non-profit housing organisations. 

What we do

  • Conclusion, negotiation and drafting of business leases and lease agreements
  • Sale and lease back projects
  • Litigation and arbitration
  • Market rent cases
  • Termination and vacation.

Our rent legislation team

Michael Neumann

Partner (H)

Thomas Krucov Jensen


Alessandro Traina


Emil Spurr Madsen

Junior Partner

Rune Halkjær Ebbesen


Henrik Jørgensen

Senior Attorney (H)

Kenneth Steenberg


Marianne Balle Rasmussen

Director, Attorney (L)

Andreas Oliver Elmdam

Assistant Attorney

Frederikke Kjeldskov Simonsen

Assistant Attorney

Natalie Hinsch

Assistant Attorney