Veterinarians carry on business like all other business owners, and for many years there has been less focus on a rational and appropriate legal operational framework for and information to businesses within the veterinarian profession.

If you need advice on matters that are naturally related to the veterinarian profession, we can guide you through all aspects of the area.

Horten also has specialists who can assist with purchase and sale of horses, including disputes between buyers and sellers and the legal matters pertaining to the agricultural sector.



Our specialists have for many years assisted veterinarians with legal advice on all relevant matters, e.g.:

  • Choice of organisational structure
  • Internal regulation between several owners
  • Cooperation agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Lease and purchase agreements regarding real estate
  • Insurance
  • Structuring operations in the most optimal way.

We have thereby contributed to increasing focus on profitable operations and with value-generating advice emphasised the importance of a safe handling of also formal issues.

Professional liability of advisers

At present, there is increased focus on the professional liability of advisers. This includes veterinarians. Our specialists assist veterinarians and their insurance companies in connection with claims for damages against the individual veterinarian or the veterinary hospital. The importance of experience within the veterinarian profession and the veterinarian problems facing the profession as well as a veterinarian and agricultural network cannot be overestimated in these cases.

Purchase and sale of horses

Attention to detail in connection with contracts is essential to reduce the risk of a subsequent dispute. Purchase and sale of horses involve increasingly substantial values. Contract formation is often given less attention than deserved in connection with transactions. Many parties to horse transactions have often regretted this when subsequently finding themselves as parties to a cost-heavy and lengthy dispute.

At Horten, we know the pitfalls for both the buyer and the seller - whether it is a private or professional, national or international transaction. We have wide experience in negotiation and contract formation in Danish and the European languages, and we also have the necessary insight into both Danish and international legislation in the area.

Disputes between buyers and sellers

Even if parties to horse transactions are meticulous with regard to the law, disputes often occur following transactions concerning the conformity with the contract of the delivered horse or other aspects of the transaction. These disputes are settled before the ordinary courts or before arbitration tribunals.

In all fora and regarding all types of horses, our specialists have wide experience in assisting the sellers, buyers or the advisers who are typically involved in these cases. We are familiar with all aspects of the veterinarian world, the agricultural framework and the veterinarian profession and have over the years gathered in-depth experience and know-how in the area.

Horses are often bought and sold across borders, and we have the special legal knowledge required in this connection.

Our horses and veterinarians team