The three attorneys who can now call themselves directors are Emilie
Loiborg, Sidsel Marcussen and Maria Pilh Arendsdorf. They come from the
practice areas of public law and intellectual property law. New
specialised attorney is Rasmus Bytoft Sundstrup from Debt Collection
& Financial Services.

Horten has chosen to strengthen its team of directors with three new appointments, each bringing competences, experience and commitment to the organisation.

Attorney Emilie Loiborg has significant experience and specialised knowledge within the growth area of digital management and data ethics, where Horten has not previously manifested itself. Emilie has an extraordinary drive with a talent for business development, and she continuously contributes to business development on her own initiative. She is therefore also a strong role model.

Attorney (High Court) Maria Pilh Arendsdorf is a highly talented attorney with a strong work capacity and a professional bandwidth that spans all branches of IP law, marketing law and GDPR. Due to her strong professional expertise, Maria has a natural authority, which is mirrored by assistant attorneys and students. She trains young lawyers and plays a very important role in the department as a sparring anchor point.

Attorney Sidsel Marcussen has in-depth professional knowledge of both procurement law, contract law and the law on access to documents and skilfully translates the law into practical solutions. Sidsel handles both cases and clients independently, and during her time at Horten, she has conducted a number of large and complex tenders, both on the contracting authority side and on the tenderer side.
In addition to the three directors, Horten appoints a new specialised attorney in Debt Collection & Financial Services:

Attorney Rasmus Bytoft Sundstrup has experience with complex approval processes, and his role as coordinator of major projects emphasises his ability to handle challenging tasks. Rasmus' commitment to Horten and Debt Collection & Financial Services is evident both in his role as knowledge manager and in his ability to cooperate across departments.

Contact details:
Jesper Boe Nordal, Head of Communications, Horten,, +45 5234 4403.


Emilie Loiborg

Director, Attorney

Sidsel Marcussen

Director, Attorney

Maria Pilh Arendsdorf Bengtsen

Director, Attorney (L)

Rasmus Bytoft Sundstrup

Specialist Attorney