Sidsel Marcussen offers specialised advice within procurement law to contracting authorities as well as tenderers on the different parts of the tender procedure.

The advice to contracting authorities especially covers the organisation of tender procedures from market dialogue to conclusion of the contract, choice of tender procedure, preparation and quality control of the tender procedure and the tender documents, CSR requirements, the right to make changes, etc.

The advice to tenderers especially covers assistance in connection with the preparation of tenders, assessment of the possibility to complain and obtain access to documents in connection with the contracting authority’s award of a contract.

Sidsel also has wide experience advising both contracting authorities and tenderers in connection with disputes arising out of awarded contracts.

Sidsel also provides specialised advice in relation to access to documents both within and outside the procurement law area.

From her employment with the Central Denmark Region, Sidsel has substantial experience advising on major and complicated tender procedures, i.a. within the prehospital and medicotechnical area.

From her previous employment with the state, municipalities and regions, she has experience from the other side of the table in a politically managed organisation.