Horten has assisted Polaris with a full refinancing of the Contour Group.

The Danish private equity fund, Polaris, focuses on transforming companies with great potential in the Nordic region. As part of its overall strategy, Polaris acquired the Contour Group in 2021.

The Contour Group is market-leading within research, development and design of ergonomic computer mice such as RollerMouse, Unimouse and Contour Mouse enabling the user to work safely at their computers without the risk of pain or strain injuries.

Horten advised Polaris in connection with Polaris entering into a senior facilities agreement and other finance documents with Danske Bank A/S for the purpose of refinancing the existing loans obtained in 2021 for the purpose of financing the acquisition of the Contour Group. Horten’s Banking & Financing team consisted of Lars Lüneborg, Helle Muff Højbjerg and Morten Brun Winkelmann.


Lars Lüneborg


Helle Muff Højbjerg

Specialist Attorney

Morten Brun Winkelmann

Junior Associate