Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB ('SEB') invests in the Danish fintech company LENEO A/S. Horten has advised the shareholders of LENEO A/S in connection with the investment.

LENEO A/S specialises in delivering SaaS solutions, which handle a product or an asset as part of the future, based increasingly on leasing, rental or subscription. LENEO was founded in Denmark in 2016 and has recently expanded its business activities to the Swedish market.

SEB's investment of DKK 24.5 million was carried out through SEB Venture Capital, a leading FinTech investor in the Nordics focusing on strategic venture investments with the added ability of offering partnerships with SEB.

By SEB's investment, SEB becomes one of the major shareholders in LENEO. In addition to the investment, the parties have entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with the purpose of contributing to the company's further growth.

Horten has advised the shareholders of LENEO in connection with the investment. Team-responsible partner Mikkel Primdal Kæregaard was assisted by Jonas Eigil Nielsen and Iben Møller Vollesen.

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Mikkel Primdal Kæregaard

Partner, Chairman of the Board

Jonas Eigil Nielsen

Junior Partner

Iben Møller Vollesen