Polaris and the founders have entered into an agreement to sell Det Danske Madhus to apetito.

Det Danske Madhus is market-leading within the prepared meals market for the elderly segment and is organised in a number of subsidiaries ensuring a wide location in Denmark. Det Danske Madhus is sold by Polaris, Henrik Sørensen and Brian Sørensen. Det Danske Madhus is acquired by apetito, a family-owned company with headquarters in Germany and a leading catering provider offering bespoke catering concepts for schools, nurseries, the business and industry sector, hospitals and retirement homes as well as private consumers.

Polaris is a Nordic investment company based in Copenhagen, which invests in and provides capital to well-established medium-sized companies in the Nordics.

Horten has advised Polaris and the founders on all aspects of the transaction. Team-responsible partner Hans Christian Pape was assisted by Marie Funch Lind, Christian Vesterling and Stephanie Beatrice Pitzner.


Hans Christian Pape

Partner (L)

Marie Funch Lind

Director, Attorney

Christian Vesterling


Stephanie Beatrice Pitzner

Assistant Attorney