Humio is a log management platform offering developers, it- and security teams an overview in real time via logdata. The company’s customers include Microsoft, Bloomberg and the neo bank Lunar. 

Humio was founded in Aarhus in 2016. Since then, the head office has moved to London.

Horten advises the owners of Humio concerning all Danish law matters in connection with the sale to CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc.

Horten’s team consisted of the partners Christian Tullberg, Henrik Stig Lauritsen, Thomas Francis Beckett, Asger Heine Jensen and Jonas Enkegård

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CrowdStrike to Acquire Humio and Deliver the Industry’s Most Advanced Data Platform for Next-Generation, Index-Free XDR


Christian Tullberg

Partner (L)

Henrik Stig Lauritsen


Thomas Francis Beckett


Asger Heine Jensen

Partner (H)