Horten’s fintech team has assisted NORD.investments A/S with its recent successful capital provision, including the negotiations on structuring and valuation.

NORD.investments A/S offers automated investment advice or, put informally, robot advice where all investments plans consist of ETFs which are listed passive investments funds reflecting an index.

Since the beginning of 2019, NORD.investments A/S has gone from managing DKK 60 million to having a portfolio of more than DKK 380 million, which is being managed on behalf of approx. 1,750 clients.

Horten, being the only Danish law firm classified in Tier 1 by the recognised analyst firm Chambers & Partners in the category Fintech, has assisted NORD.investments A/S.

Horten’s team consisted of Claus Bennetsen, Hans Glent Abildgaard and Morten Brun Winkelmann.


Claus Bennetsen


Morten Brun Winkelmann

Junior Associate