Horten has assisted with establishing the Dai Foundation, which carries out activities relating to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The Dai Foundation has been established by the company behind the blockchain-based system, MakerDAO.
MakerDAO facilitates the virtual currency Dai, which is a so-called "stablecoin" – a price-stable virtual currency denominated to the US dollar.

The MakerDAO system is an open and autonomous blockchain system operating independently on the blockchain. The system constitutes the core of the various "decentralized finance” projects currently developed across the world and has secured three-digit million investments from foreign venture funds. The system is intended to operate on a decentralized basis over time. As part of this, the intellectual property rights relating to the MakerDAO system have been assigned to the Dai Foundation.

The primary purpose of the Dai Foundation is to safeguard the intellectual property rights in accordance with the founders’ fundamental ideas behind MakerDAO.

Horten has assisted with all legal aspects of the establishment of the Dai Foundation. Attorney Payam Samarghandi has also been appointed to the board of trustees of the Dai Foundation.

For more information on the foundation, reference is made to this blog post on the MakerDAO website: "The Maker Foundation Transfers Trademarks and Software IP to Independent Dai Foundation".