Piya Mukherjee, partner and head of Horten’s Insolvency and Restructuring team, has been appointed president of INSOL Europe. 

At INSOL Europe’s recent yearly conference held in Copenhagen, partner Piya Mukherjee was appointed the new president for the next year.

INSOL Europe is an international organisation with approx. 1,200 members consisting of lawyers, auditors, judges, academics, lenders, government officials and other professional parties with expertise within insolvency law.

The organisation’s mission is:

  1. Lead the development of restructuring and insolvency law, techniques and practice in Europe.
  2. Recognition by the European and international bodies as the first port of call for all matters regarding restructuring and insolvency in Europe.
  3. Inform through dissemination of technical and topical information on restructuring and insolvency.
  4. Facilitate business development and the exchange of professional experience among its members.
  5. Educate and train members, their staff and others to further technical capabilities.

The importance of the pan-European organisation has increased after the EU’s measure to harmonise the rules within insolvency law - a legal area which has so far primarily had a national focus.

INSOL Europe holds a number of conferences, courses and seminars, including in cooperation with other national and international organisations.

The organisation also has a number of working groups, for instance Legal Tech and Digital Assets, Financiers Group and Directive Project, working on a guide to understand the EU Directive on preventive restructuring, which came into force in June 2019. The Directive is to be implemented in the member states, including Denmark, within the next two years.

The Directive, which is the first measure from the EU to harmonise insolvency law in the member states, is to ensure that suppliers within the entire EU experience smoother and more uniform rules across member states thereby eliminating the obstacles to the free movement of capital.


Piya Mukherjee

Partner (L)