Danish Regions has recently signed a new contract with Norsk Luftambulanse AS (NLA). Horten has assisted NLA with regaining the contract for the nationwide emergency medical helicopter service

The regions have recently signed a new contract with Norsk Luftambulanse AS, which will come into effect in the summer of 2025 and run for 10 years with an option of renewal for up to four years. Horten has assisted NLA during the bidding process in the current tender and the previous tender that was cancelled in January 2022.

Norsk Luftambulanse AS has since September 2014 been tasked with flying the nationwide medical helicopters for Danish Regions. The nationwide emergency medical helicopter service is operated jointly by the five regions and is part of the overall pre-hospital emergency response. The emergency medical helicopter service is intended to ensure that acutely ill citizens who are far from specialised hospitals have access to rapid treatment.

Horten has also assisted Norsk Luftambulanse AS with a complaint to the Complaints Board for Public Procurement, which resulted in cancellation of the previous tender and enabled NLA to submit a bid for the current tender. Horten has also assisted as an intervener in two complaints regarding the current tender. This has now been finalised with the conclusion of the contract with NLA.

Norsk Luftambulanse AS is owned by the Norwegian foundation Norsk Luftambulanse (Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation), a non-profit organisation that has worked for more than 40 years to bring advanced life-saving treatment to patients.

Partner Annelouise Dalgaard Pedersen and attorney Sidsel Marcussen from Horten have assisted Norsk Luftambulanse AS throughout the entire process of the contract, which has a value of EUR 285,000,000.


Sidsel Marcussen