FinTech company has been subject to a takeover by the American company FLEETCOR, a worldwide leader in business payments. Horten has advised on the regulatory matters relating to the transaction. Horten has previously advised and assisted on obtaining permission as an AISP and PISP (as defined in PSD2) under the Danish Payments Act., a Danish FinTech company based in both Denmark and the US, has been taken over by FLEETCOR Techonologies, inc., an American payments company listed on the NYSE. FLEETCOR is already a worldwide leader in business payments.

The acquisition will expand FLEETCOR's portfolio within automated payments solutions, helping businesses automating their manual payments processes.

On aids companies, bookkeepers and auditors with organising and payment of bills through their innovative software platform, which digitalises and automates the finance tasks of a company.

More information on the takeover can be found here:

Roger acquired by FLEETCOR, a leading global business payments company


Lars Lüneborg