Hortens digital competition tools can help you ensure compliance with competition law.

The digital era is here and competition is changing. Artificial intelligence, algorithms, blockchain, etc. shape the future and provide new opportunities for businesses. Horten follows the development and the regulatory initiatives closely.

The European Commission's proposal for a Digital Markets Act focus on 'digital services' including online platforms and so-called gatekeepers. The Digital Markets Act is expected to introduce obligations on many digital businesses and fines in case of non-compliance. The idea is to address issues in the digital markets which fall outside the scope of competition law. Read more about the Digital Markets Act in our article Digital Markets Act: Ready to be digital?

The digital developments will change competition and how to comply with competition law. Horten provides guidance on how to navigate and comply with competition law in digital markets.

Our Algorithm Compliance Tool helps identify whether an algorithm is compliant with competition law. A set of Top-5 questions guides you through the most relevant risk factors.

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology in terms of its decentralized, transparent and cryptographic nature. In our overview Blockchain and competition law, we provide an introduction to the technology, examples on where blockchain is used and related competition law risks. We identify three main business behaviors, where awareness in terms of competition compliance is necessary.


Marie Løvbjerg

Director, Attorney