Nicolai Dyhr is no longer attorney or partner in Horten. This comes as a direct consequence of statements made by Nicolai Dyhr in a TV2 documentary series published Tuesday, 28 May.

COO Anders Bager Jensen says on the matter:

“Nicolai Dyhr is no longer a part of Horten. This comes as a direct consequence of several statements recorded by TV2 and subsequently shared with Horten. These statements do not in any way reflect how an attorney and partner in Horten should act, and Horten strongly condemns them. They are incompatible with Horten’s values, which is why Nicolai Dyhr is no longer partner or in any other way associated with Horten.”

In the programme, Nicolai Dyhr refers to an 'eel trap method'. Horten neither knows nor approves of this method.

“We do not recognize the so-called ‘eel trap method’ as an established model in the industry and certainly not as a model approved by Horten management. This is not the case, and we do not approve of it in any way. The reason Nicolai Dyhr is no longer with Horten is exactly because his statements in the programme are not compatible with being attorney and partner in Horten,” says Anders Bager Jensen.

As soon as Horten was presented with TV2's information, Nicolai Dyhr was suspended. Horten has subsequently initiated both an internal and an external investigation into the matter.

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Jesper Boe Nordal

Head of Communications