A wide majority of the Danish parliament has made a political agreement on an artificial energy island in the North Sea 80 kilometers from land. The largest construction project in the history of Denmark is now a reality.

In a press release, the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building states that the project’s estimated total construction sum amounts to DKK 210 billion. The artificial energy island is to collect and distribute the power from surrounding offshore wind farms and serve as a green offshore power center.

According to the press release, the island is initially to handle 3 GW offshore wind, equivalent to the power consumption of 3 million households. In the future, the island will be expanded to handle 10 GW, equivalent to the power consumption of 10 million households.

The number of offshore wind turbines will depend on the winning tender. However, the first stage may involve approx. 200 turbines, and the expansion may involve up to approx. 650 turbines. The ambition is that the island is also to store and convert the power into fuel for air planes, cars and trucks (Power-to-X) in the future.

It is also stated in the press release that the nature of the energy island will be critical infrastructure, and the state will therefore also be the majority owner.

For more information, see the press release:
Denmark will have a new island: The world’s first energy island to be established in the North Sea 80 kilometers from land


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