In January 2019, the Competition Council found that Falck had abused its dominant position on the market for ambulance services by having excluded the competitor BIOS from the market. In the wake of this case followed a report to the police, a claim for compensation and an internal clean-up at Falck.

Falck has made a settlement with the South Denmark Region, BIOS’ Dutch owners and the bankruptcy estate of BIOS in Denmark. Falck pays compensation to the parties at a total of DKK 152.5 million after the company's abuse of its dominant position in 2014-2015. According to Falck, several hundred small creditors will also receive an amount which is believed to be sufficient to ensure repayment of claims already filed with the bankruptcy estate. Falck must therefore be assumed to have met the claims made by the Region, BIOS’s Dutch owner and the bankruptcy estate.

The settlement ends all disputes between the parties thereby waiving the claims for compensation against Falck. The settlement is conditional on confidentiality, and the details of the settlement are therefore not public.


Andreas Christensen

Partner (H)

Marie Løvbjerg

Director, Attorney