Horten is a Danish limited law partnership company. The company is structured with a partner group, a Managing Partner and a board of directors. 

Horten is divided into legal practice teams focused on central legal areas and a number of cross-sectoral teams focused on industries.

The management, the legal teams and sector teams are supported by a staff function responsible for development and support within strategy and business development, knowledge, IT, service, marketing and communication as well as recruitment, management and staff development, accounts coordination and financial control.

We have 350 employees.

Board of directors

Mikkel Primdal Kæregaard (chairman of the board)
Christian Gregersen
Erik Wendelboe Christiansen
Hans Christian Pape
Henrik Stig Lauritsen
Rikke Søgaard Berth
Thomas Booker

Managing Partner

Finn Schwarz


Chief Operating Officer: Kjeld Rask
Compliance Manager: Susanne Vibeke Gamberg
Head of Business Development: Mads Rau-Kaufmann
Head of HR:
Mette Meirup Gregersen
Innovation Consultant: Anne-Sofie Vind-Hansen
Head of IT: Morten Kamper Mathiasen
Head of Finance: Tine Nevers
Head of Accounts Coordination: Jannie Arnth
Head of Service Management: Anette Therkildsen


Finn Schwarz

Managing Partner

Mikkel Primdal Kæregaard

Partner, Chairman of the Board

Kjeld Rask

Chief Operating Officer