Horten offers a competitive salary and a company-paid pension scheme (5 % of the salary) to all permanent employees and a health scheme covering all employees. In addition, you may make use our attractive gross income deduction scheme ("bruttolønsordning") and a number of other advantageous corporate discount schemes.

Lawyers and students will be provided with a company-paid mobile phone, including free data in Denmark. For the purpose of flexibility, we will provide all lawyers with a home dial-up line, a laptop PC and a flexible IT platform.

  • Attorneys & legal advisors

    As a 1st or 2nd year attorney/commercial law consultant, you will be paid according to a fixed, competitive salary scale. As a 3rd year attorney/ commercial law consultant, you will negotiate your salary individually.

    If your performance far exceeds expectations, you will be eligible for a bonus. 

  • Law students

    As a law student, your hourly pay is DKK 200 (master's programme) and DKK 190 (bachelor programme).

    In addition, Horten will pay any mandatory study books and up to DKK 1,500 for any literature relevant for your thesis. Students who become employed as assistant attorneys with Horten may also take one month’s paid leave (equivalent to four weeks) to write their thesis.

    Our law students may also apply for a career scholarship, which implies, among other things, paid summer school at the London School of Economics (including travel and accommodation), individual coaching for the purpose of developing your professional competencies and employment as an assistant attorney on graduation.

  • Secretaries & Paralegals

    As a secretary or paralegal, you may take time off or have overtime hours paid.

Room for family life

You have a life outside Horten, and we believe that it is important to offer our employees flexible conditions so that they can have a well-functioning leisure and family life outside Horten. Therefore, we do all we can to create the best conditions for combining your private life and a challenging carrier. Based on a specific assessment, you may reduce your working hours for a specific period of time and take parental leave without impairing your carrier options.

We offer a good maternity scheme paying the mother full basic salary for four weeks before birth and 24 weeks after birth. If you have been employed for less than a year, you are entitled to full basic salary for four weeks before birth and 18 weeks after birth. As a father, you are entitled to full basic salary for two weeks after birth. In addition, the father may take an additional 10 weeks' paternity leave with full basic salary. If you have been employed for less than a year, you are entitled to full basic salary for four weeks.

To prevent complications during pregnancy, we have an external pregnancy coach advising on physical strain, life style, working conditions, etc. for the purpose of improving the working climate for our pregnant employees.

Leisure time

We are often very busy and, for periods, we expect our attorneys to work quite long hours and be available when our clients need advice. At the same time, we bear in mind that flexibility goes both ways, and we know that people who are happy and thrive deliver the best performance.

It is important that you unwind and take holiday during the year. Apart from being covered by the Holiday Act, you are also entitled to five days off each year earned proportionally from the date of employment.


When spending a lot of time together, it is important that we have the best conditions and terms for our work, that we all feel appreciated, and that we have good social relations and can do other things together than work. Horten's domicile creates a perfect setting for our work. The domicile is modern, beautiful and bright and designed to support and encourage knowledge sharing and co-operation. Our canteen, which was awarded the best in Denmark by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council in 2012, makes sure that we have sublime food all day long, and our staff functions make sure that you have the best conditions for performing your work professionally and targeted.

We also offer an advantageous massage scheme, dry-cleaning, etc.

Way of talking

Our way of talking is unique and something we cherish. Our everyday life is characterised by cooperation and sparring across all teams, and on all levels of the organisation our relations are characterised by respect and informality and are often spiced with humour, private commitment and interest.

Social events

Horten arranges many social events, and we appreciate having fun - both at work and in private. These events are held both in the teams, e.g. yearly team excursions and trips, in the staff groups, e.g. different social events each year, and across teams where - in addition to the weekly Friday afternoon get-together, summer and Christmas parties - we also have monthly events and activities arranged by the social events committee.

Our lawyers hold a yearly conference where they discuss different professional, business-orientated and/or strategic issues, and our secretaries and paralegals also hold a conference each year focusing on personal and professional development.