Horten's most important asset is our employees. Competent employees are a guarantee ensuring that we can continue to provide valuable and highly qualified advice to our clients. It is therefore very important to us that you are continuously challenged, that you have the opportunity to develop and that your career options are attractive, individual, clear and structured, irrespective of where you are in your career.

Our employees are among the best of the legal profession. We therefore have great confidence in you and give you responsibility and independence notwithstanding how far you are in your career. We believe that it is important for your job satisfaction and learning process that you regularly leave your comfort zone, but get sparring and help whenever needed.

Your development is very much connected with your job satisfaction. Our informal culture embracing diversity, our straight-forward and respectful tone and the prioritization that it has to be fun to go to work are unique within the legal profession and contribute to promoting job satisfaction and professional and personal development of all our employees.

Horten Academy is an element of your development which gives you the opportunity to acquire and develop both personal and professional competencies. In addition, your development is a highly prioritised objective in your daily work, where you will learn news things and acquire relevant competencies through sparring, co-operation, involvement and open feedback.

That Horten is a dynamic and innovative business is very much thanks to our employees. Good ideas are appreciated no matter where they come from within the organisation, and we act promptly if we see a need for change. As an employee at Horten, you will therefore have good opportunities to influence our business and your workplace.

Our offices are situated in modern and inspiring buildings designed to make room for the future challenges of an ambitious law firm with a layout that supports new forms of cooperation. Take a look inside our office in Hellerup:

Law students

Kickstart your career

As a law student (including BSc and MSc students of Business Administration and Commercial Law), you are eager to test your theoretical knowledge in practice. At Horten, we are well aware of this, and we therefore offer our law students an exciting job with challenging and varying assignments. You will obtain thorough insight into our cases, contribute actively to the solutions and have the opportunity to follow cases from A to Z. We make sure that your work with us is an important supplement to your theoretical education, develops your business understanding and focuses on your professional as well as personal competencies so that you will be well positioned for a future legal career.

Our law students are highly competent, and we have great confidence in their capabilities. In fact, the tasks of a law student at Horten are in many ways similar to the tasks of an assistant attorney or junior commercial law consultant. You are given great independent responsibility, we listen to you, and we give you exciting challenges where you get to work with many competent assistant attorneys, attorneys and partners.

We continuously focus on developing your professional and personal competencies. As a law student at Horten, you will be attached to a partner, who makes sure that you obtain top-quality professional training, that you are involved in relevant cases, and that you are continuously motivated and challenged. You will also have a mentor to provide daily sparring and good advice on your career options. Further, you may participate in Horten Academy to obtain new knowledge and competencies.

Working hours

In general, our law students work 15 hours a week, but many often choose to work more. However, we respect that your studies come first, and we support your prioritisation.

To support your studies, we offer:

  • Payment of all mandatory study books
  • Relevant books of max. DKK 1,500 for your thesis writing
  • Time off for exams and thesis writing
  • Participation in our thesis group with guidance from a partner with significant teaching experience
  • Meetings where you and your study group can ask questions
  • Free access to Horten's library and a large number of Danish and international online databases, legal journals, etc.
  • Free access to photocopiers and printers
  • Printing and binding of your thesis.

Assistant attorney

Focus on your professional and personal development

On the path from assistant attorney to attorney, you will learn the practical part of an attorney's work. In other words, you will learn to be a professionally well-founded and business-orientated attorney.

In addition to constant focus on the development of your professional competencies, we also have focus on your personal competencies as these will support your daily work and make you familiar with the commercial aspects of being an adviser.


A large part of your training is integrated in your daily work where the complexity of your assignments will increase proportionally with your development, and you will be given more and more independent responsibility. Client contact and meetings are part of your daily work through which you will train and develop client relations already as an assistant attorney.

The nature of the assignments will vary greatly, and you will often participate in inter-disciplinary teams. This - together with our redeployment scheme where you will change team once during your term as an assistant attorney - means that you will obtain a solid and broad base for your future career. This is supported by a personal training plan.

Professional and personal sparring

You will be attached to a partner, who will be the immediate superior responsible for your development. In your daily work, you may also expect full attention from experienced attorneys and partners giving high priority to your training and taking the time to give you useful feedback on the assignments performed. In the beginning, you have a tutor who will help you get started and, after approx. three to six months, you will choose a mentor with whom you may discuss job satisfaction, career and other issues.


Horten Academy supplements and supports the formal assistant attorneys’ education, and a plan has been made for the qualifying courses you must attend during your term as an assistant attorney. Supplementary education abroad or national or international postings are also possible during your term as an assistant attorney if we consider it relevant.

Bar exam

Horten conducts many cases in court, and we take pride in ensuring that our assistant attorneys are not given a fictional case for their bar exam, and Horten Academy also offers a number of thorough litigation courses.

Job satisfaction

In order to be a competent assistant attorney, it is important that you thrive and find it fun to go to work. Our informal culture, flat hierarchy and respectful tone contribute to ensuring this together with the high prioritisation of teamwork in the assistant attorneys' team.

Junior legal advisor

As an MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law, you may join Horten as a junior commercial law consultant. You will primarily be employed with one of our commercial law teams. In addition to your legal expertise, you will contribute with a commercial angle, business understanding and financial insight - knowledge which you have obtained through your commercial education.

Your employment conditions, assignments and career options rank equally with those applicable to our assistant attorneys. However, under the current rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society, you may not conduct litigation or participate in the society's education. As compensation, we offer courses on some of the subjects of the legal education.

As you have achieved a certain specialisation within commercial law, you will not participate in Horten's mandatory redeployment scheme, but you may be transferred to relevant teams if requested.


A balanced working day with development and responsibility

Your career at Horten offers professional challenges, focus on supplementary education and development of competencies together with competent, ambitious and committed colleagues with whom you can cooperate and spare every day.

Irrespective of whether you wish to pursue a career as an attorney for many years or a specialised attorney, or whether your aim is exclusively to become a partner, we can offer good development opportunities and the right support and sparring from both experienced partners and a professional HR team.

Assignments and responsibility

Your assignments as an attorney comprise both case administration and advice, external activities such as client meetings and teaching and involvement in Horten's strategic projects. You will have wide independent responsibility, and we trust that you will be able to promote cases and create good relations with both national and international clients.

Your responsibility will increase in line with your length of service, and you will quickly realise that you will be given an important management task in your daily work, actively undertaking responsibility for the development of colleagues and contributing to the development of Horten's business.

Professional and personal development

Your personal and professional development is important. We support your development with the daily sparring with attorneys and partners, a well-developed feedback culture and via Horten Academy, where competencies within e.g. management, business understanding, networking and acquisition are challenged and developed. We also support your wishes for specialisation, and we ensure that you are given the right test cases when relevant in relation to your career and ambitions.

As part of the development of your competencies, and because Horten is an international business, we are also open to relevant, long-term educational stays or postings, and we offer favourable terms in this connection.

Legal advisor

After three years as junior legal advisor, you will become a legal advisor. The primary focus is still on commercial law. Your tasks will correspond to the assignments of attorneys, including training and development options. The only exception is that you cannot conduct litigation.

Senior attorney

An attractive position for competent, experienced experts

A position as a senior attorney is for the experienced attorney with expert knowledge at a high professional level, business insight and strong capabilities as an attorney within an area of importance to Horten. Apart from handling the tasks and responsibilities of a general attorney, your work as a specialised attorney is characterised by targeted work to develop your own and Horten's opportunities within a specific legal area.

The position is attractive and reflects Horten's with to retain and develop your competencies and qualities, and at the same time it is recognition that you are highly respected by clients and colleagues for your expert knowledge. The position may be your final position, but you may also develop to become a partner if your results and other competencies satisfy Horten's requirements for partner admission.

Senior legal advisor

The position as senior legal advisor is equal to the position as specialised attorney, and you distinguish yourself exclusively by having an educational background as an MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law. You are therefore an experienced adviser at a high professional level, with business insight and specialisation within a commercial law area of importance to Horten.



As a partner at Horten, you are responsible for the realisation of Horten's strategic objectives both internally and externally. Due to your strong professionalism and acquisition competencies, you focus intensively on client development and market activities.


Horten's partners have considerable management responsibility at both an operational and strategic level, and we focus on developing the leadership potential of all partners within business, case, staff and strategic management. Which of the above areas you wish to focus your time on very much depends on your interests and competencies. Our seven management rules are a guide to the daily conduct expected of Horten's partners:

  • We think "one-firm firm"
  • We communicate clearly
  • We act commercially
  • We express energy
  • We are visionary
  • We create challenges
  • We evoke enthusiasm.

Business development

As a partner at Horten, you are free to develop your business; of course, always taking into consideration the joint interests and development of Horten. We have many partners, but we are one business working in the same direction to ensure the best possible satisfaction among our clients and employees.

Realisation of Horten's strategic objectives

Horten has three types of partner: Associate partner, junior partner and equity partner. As an associate or junior partner, you are employed as a partner while, as an equity partner, you are co-owner of Horten. Both attorneys and commercial law consultants may qualify for partnership.

  • Junior partner

    In order to become a junior partner, you must have many years' experience as an attorney. You are recognised for your high professional level and have demonstrated your ability to build up your own business through high acquisition performance. You possess thorough business understanding and contribute significantly to Horten's business and the achievement of the strategic objectives. Being a junior partner also means that there is a clear expectation that you perform as expected to qualify for partnership.

  • Associate partner

    In order to become an associate partner, you must have many years' experience as an attorney. You are recognised for your high professional level and have developed strong competencies within your area. You have central client relations and make considerable personal efforts - both in relation to your clients and the operation of Horten and the achievement of strategic objectives.

    A position as associated partner may be your final position, but you may also develop in time to become an equity partner.

  • Equity partner

    As a partner at Horten, you are responsible for the realisation of Horten's strategic objectives both internally and externally. Due to your strong professionalism and acquisition competencies, you focus intensively on client development and market activities.

Legal secretary and paralegal

A responsible and supporting role

We employ professionally competent secretaries and paralegals supporting the attorneys in their work. As a legal secretary or paralegal, you are involved in administrative and legal tasks so that the attorneys may focus on the client's needs, the broad perspective and the professional handling of the case. You very much contribute to realising Horten's objective to provide valuable and highly qualified advice to our clients.

You work for several partners, attorneys or assistant attorneys who provide you with a wide variety of tasks. Your day is therefore characterised by being balanced, varied and with many contacts, and demands are made on your professional competencies as well as your flexibility and responsiveness.

We focus on developing our secretaries' and paralegals' relevant competencies. This development takes place both during the daily work, but also through Horten Academy and external courses. Secretaries and paralegals also hold a joint conference each year focusing on personal and professional development and social interaction.


Value-generating and professional support

Horten is the place where the best and most high-performing people of the business work. We therefore aim at professionalising our effective and strong staff functions to support our attorneys in relation to all matters outside our core business.

The staff functions aim at being the best of the business, and we focus on being value-generating and proactive and to provide good quality and work pleasure. From service and IT to finances, accounts administration and HR to business development, marketing and communication, it is our ambition to ensure a well-functioning and professional business. In this connection, we make sure that the employees and managers of the staff functions are offered regular development opportunities in relation to the requirements and challenges of the future to ensure high professional standards of all staff functions.