our experience and expertise

We have in-depth knowledge of the complicated legislation and the areas in which personal data law plays a decisive role such as employment, marketing, IT and public law. We have advised on a significant number of cases considered by the Danish Data Protection Agency, and we have many years' experience drafting applications to the Data Protection Agency.

Our personal data law experts cooperate closely with other experts abroad and have built up wide experience in international compliance within personal data law. We regularly participate in international cooperation where lawyers in a number of countries examine the guidelines and specific measures involving processing of personal data comparing these with the legislation in the individual countries.

our clients

Our client portfolio is broad and includes Danish as well as international companies and public authorities. Our experience therefore includes advice to politically managed organisations and companies with commercial understanding of the problems in relation to processing of personal data. 

What we do

  • Compliance in relation to technical and organisational security requirements
  • Drafting of data processing agreements and cookie policies
  • Transfer of personal data to countries outside the EU based on e.g. EU standard contracts and binding corporate rules
  • Drafting of whistleblower schemes
  • Intra-group transfers of personal data of customers and employees
  • Defining the rules of the Personal Data Act in relation to other relevant regulation of personal data, including within marketing and telecommunication
  • Collection, processing, storage and deletion of personal data
  • Advice on the rights held by the data subjects
  • Reports and complaints to the Data Protection Agency
  • International compliance
  • Due diligence in relation to personal data and transfer of data in connection with corporate acquisitions

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  • HR and employment law

    We assist companies, organisations and authorities as to how processing of HR data may be arranged in accordance with the Personal Data Regulation. We have wide experience in relation to companies' compliance with the rules on the duty to inform employees and obtain consent to processing of personal data, and  assessment of which data may be stored and transferred, including in connection with exchange of HR data between different affiliates of multi-national groups.

    Horten has also assisted with the drafting of guidelines in relation to storage and deletion of personal data for a number of companies and public authorities based on general as well as specific regulation of the individual areas.

    In addition, Horten has advised on a number of specific issues in connection with registration of the employees' use of the Internet and e-mails, recording of telephone conversations for training purposes, etc. and TV surveillance.

    Erik Wendelboe Christiansen
    Marianne Lage

  • Whistleblower schemes

    Horten has been responsible for registering a large number of whistleblower schemes on behalf of Danish and foreign companies with the Data Protection Agency .

    In this connection, Horten has advised on the many issues pertaining to personal data law which are relevant when introducing whistleblower schemes, and which have differed significantly depending on how the company wishes to compose its whistleblower scheme.

    Søren Hornbæk Svensen

  • Government requirements and special legislation

    In connection with collection, storage and transfer of personal data, a number of questions arise as to right and duty, e.g. due to special legislation, and it is often difficult to comply with the general rules on processing of personal data and special legislation at the same time.

    Horten has wide experience advising companies and public institutions within this interface between general personal data legislation and special legislation. 

    There are also special rules on processing of personal data in certain areas, which take precedence over the rules of the Personal Data Act, including, in particular, in the healthcare area and within the financial sector. Horten also has wide expertise and experience within these rules.

    Charlotte Kunckel

  • Cloud solutions and IT contracts

    Transfer of personal data to countries outside the EU as part of e.g. cloud solutions and other IT contracts requires special authority, including e.g. application of the European Commission's standard agreements.

    As part of our work on international compliance, Horten has wide experience within this field.

    Mads Nygaard Madsen
    Michael Goeskjær

  • Consumers and marketing

    Marketing vis-á-vis consumers often requires consent and observance of the duty to inform. Companies' use of cookies also raises problems in relation to observance of the duty to inform and obtain consent.

    Another recurring issue is the use of customer data for the purpose of marketing for other companies.

    Horten advises private as well as industry organisations on how to carry out marketing and use cookies to achieve the purpose while observing the rules at the same time.

our team

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