Since 2009, Tina Toft has advised on construction law and many of the aspects of planning and environmental law relating to the obtaining of authorisations and approvals by authorities in connection with alterations of areas or the construction of a property.

She is specialised in advising on the problems relating to the interface between environmental, planning and construction law and often acts as coordinator and advisor in connection with complex projects.

Within environmental and planning law, Tina advises public authorities and project developers on e.g. urban development and the special questions arising in connection with objections against a local plan or e.g a renewable energy plant. Including questions concerning the construction of the provisions of the Protection of Nature Act and the preparation of municipal and local plans and the correct handling of the environmental impact assessment procedures (EIM/SIA).

Tina also advises on planning and environmental regulation of industrial activities, including the impacts of noise and smells especially in relation to planning law.

In addition, she has wide experience handling legal and arbitration proceedings, and she also advises her clients in relation to complaint procedures within her areas of expertise.

Moreover, Tina currently holds courses, recently on the handling of licences under the Act on Environmental Assessment for municipal road projects.