Jesper Madsen has many years' experience advising on all aspects of IP law, marketing law and e-commerce.

For many years, Jesper has been external lecturer in copyright law at the University of Aarhus and is among the leading specialists within the area. He advises on industrial design, software, TV, music, film, sport, literature and images In addition, Jesper advises on all forms of digital rights and has wide experience advising on commercial use of individuals’ names and photos.

Previously, Jesper has taught marketing law at the University of Aarhus, and at present he advises on all areas of marketing law, including the Marketing Practices Act, consumer legislation and other rules within e-commerce. In addition, he has conducted cases before the courts, the Consumer Ombudsman and various complaints boards.

Jesper has wide experience within gaming and gambling and assists both Danish and international providers of computer and console games and gaming apps on relevant Danish legislation, drafting and negotiation of contracts and dispute resolution. He advises the world’s largest gambling providers on Danish gambling legislation and other legislation. In this connection, Jesper has assisted many gambling providers with their applications for a license to provide gambling in Denmark, assessment of marketing, conclusion of cooperation agreements and disputes with authorities.