Anders Boserup Lauridsen is specialised within financing of chattels and dispute resolution in this respect. He advises on financing of chattels and provision of security in relation to financing of chattels, for instance by way of leasing, factoring, consignment, ownership reservation, charge and guarantee.

Anders has special knowledge of the legal challenges relating to leasing of chattels (especially cars), and he assists Danish and international lessors with the preparation and adaptation of contracts as well as securing of the leased assets in case of distressed leasing financing.

Anders also conducts litigation concerning commercial issues, including financing, leasing, managerial responsibility, avoidance and interpretation of commercial contracts.

Anders is a lecturer at Horten’s seminars on issues pertaining to finance law, including pitfalls in relation to guarantees and the handling thereof. Anders is also a part-time lecturer in finance law at the University of Aarhus.