Cryptocurrencies, ICO’s and other tokens are the subject of debate at INSOL Europe’s annual conference on 4-7 October in Athens. Piya Mukherjee, partner and head of Horten’s restructuring and insolvency team, is running the panel debate concerning the many challenges of these new digital assets.

ICO means “initial coin offering” - the phenomenon when a company offers its own coin (cryptocurrency) on a blockchain for the public to purchase. A cryptocurrency with characteristics other than simply being a currency is called a token. These new economic concepts give new challenges in relation to insolvency, which is what the conference is now focusing on.

INSOL Europe is an international organisation with approx. 1,200 member consisting of lawyers, auditors, judges, academics, lenders, government officials and other professional parties with expertise within insolvency law. Piya Mukherjee is the organisation’s vice president, and she will take over as president in 2019. The organisation holds an annual conference and, in 2019, the conference will be held in Copenhagen on 26-29 September.

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Piya Mukherjee

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