On 1 May 2018, the Company Appeals Board concluded the case concerning the financial consequences of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014. The former chairman of the board of directors of Wonderful Copenhagen is not liable for the loss that arose as the Eurovision Song Contest became more expensive than expected.

In 2014, Denmark hosted the international Eurovision Song Contest. In this connection, a special project company was established under the foundation Wonderful Copenhagen. The contest exceeded the budget, which was subject to great press coverage. Together with the Capital Region of Denmark, Wonderful Copenhagen found a financial solution that took into account the project company’s creditors and saved Wonderful Copenhagen’s good reputation as a reliable and professional co-operation partner and thereby its future.

However, the Danish Business Authority found that the above solution resulted in the former chairman being liable for compensation of DKK 21 million while the rest of the board of Wonderful Copenhagen was not subject to liability.

On 1 May 2018, the Company Appeals Board cancelled the Danish Business Authority's decision as the Board found that there was no basis for Wonderful Copenhagen to claim compensation from the former chairman of the board.

Horten has represented the former chairman of the board.