Horten launches a digital tender platform www.udbuddet.dk, where all clients can easily and intuitively carry out the entire tender procedure.

From 1 July 2018, all contracting entities covered by the procurement act and the utilities directive must carry out tender procedures electronically. It is therefore no longer possible to communicate via email in a tender procedure. All communication, including submission of tenders, must be made in a system ensuring high data integrity and confidentiality. From 1 July 2018, all tender procedures must be carried out electronically horten’s tender platform.

Horten is cooperating with Inno:vasion on the launch of the platform www.udbuddet.dk to ensure a complete observance of the new requirements. With the platform, all tender procedures, obtaining of tender bids and mini tender procedures covered by the Procurement Act, the utilities directive or the Tender Act will be carried out 100 % electronically in an intuitive manner for both the contracting entity and the tenderer.

“Often, tender procedures involve major transaction costs - for both the contracting entity and the tenderer. A significant part of these costs may be eliminated by carrying out the tender procedure 100 % electronically. The requirement should therefore not be considered unnecessary bureaucracy, but to reduce the administrative costs, we have developed a platform, which is easy to use by all parties”, says attorney and partner Andreas Christensen.


All Horten’s clients are offered to carry out tender procedures electronically via Horten - without being required to purchase a licence. This will ensure a strategic management of the procurement where Horten can assist with the preparation or quality assurance of the tender documents and strategic and legal guidance with certified project managers and attorneys specialised in procurement law.

Contracting entities and tenderers can log on to the tender portal www.udbuddet.dk by using their user licences.

Contact Andreas Christensen at udbuddet@horten.dk or by phone +45 3334 4226 if you wish to purchase a licence or hear more about the platform or the services provided by Horten.


The requirement was introduced in November 2016 in Executive Order no. 1571 of 30 November 2016, which stipulated that all tender procedures published after 1 July 2018 were to be carried out electronically. The Executive Order's provisions on electronic tender procedures are based on Article 22 of the Public Procurement Directive and Article 40 of the utilities directive, according to which all member states are to ensure that all communication and exchange of information take place via electronic communication means.


Andreas Christensen

Partner (H)