On 25 January 2018, the parliament unanimously adopted the new Holiday Act. At the same time, the parliament adopted the Act on administration of outstanding holiday pay.

TexIn August 2017, the holiday act committee presented its white paper on a new holiday act, which the parties in the Danish parliament then agreed to introduce in its entirety. Subsequently, the bill went out for public hearing and consultation in the employment committee. This gave rise to a number of minor amendments, but, in general, the new Holiday Act is similar to the holiday act committee’s proposal.

It may seem as if it is a long time till the new Holiday Act comes into force. However, it makes sense to relate to the content of the Act at this time as companies are to make a number of decisions of special financial and administrative nature before the new rules come into force. In addition, many companies are to conclude new agreements which take into account the new holiday rules, and the employees will presumably also ask questions on a current basis concerning the new rules.