Energinet and the polish company GAZ-SYSTEM have made positive investment decisions in relation to the joint Baltic Pipe project. This was announced in Warsaw on 30 November 2018. Horten assisted Energinet on the negotiations.

Consequently, Energinet and GAZ-SYSTEM have jointly obligated to establish a 900 km offshore and onshore gas pipeline from the Norwegian upstream gas pipeline Europipe II in the North Sea to Poland via Denmark. The gas pipeline will make it possible to deliver natural gas from Norway via Denmark to Poland and other countries in the region and to deliver gas from Poland to Denmark and Sweden. The Baltic Pipe will cross three national territories: Denmark, Sweden and Poland. According to the plan, the transportation of gas via the Baltic Pipe will start in October 2022.

Horten assisted Energinet on the negotiations with GAZ-SYSTEM and the other parties concerning the agreement package behind the Baltic Pipe.


The Baltic Pipe project concerns the establishment of:

  • A Danish tie-in to and a pipeline from the Norwegian upstream pipeline Europipe II in the North Sea to the west coast of Jutland.
  • An expansion of the Danish transmission system from Jutland to east Zealand.
  • A compressor station at east Zealand.
  • A new pipeline between Denmark and Poland through the Baltic Sea.

In addition, the overall transmission system in Poland will be extended.

The project’s estimated capital investments amount to DKK 12 billion, of which approx. DKK 6 billion concern the Danish part of the investment.


Søren Hornbæk Svendsen


René Frisdahl Jensen

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