For the next four years, Horten will be participating in the research project Digital Construction Law at the University of Copenhagen.

Digital construction models (BIM/VBC etc.) are increasingly being used in connection with modern constructions. These tools contain many interesting opportunities for better buildings and cooperation forms, but they also raise a number of legal questions, for example in relation to liability and the responsibility to react.

The research project Digital Construction Law will focus on these challenges in a Danish context. The 4-year project is cooperation between the University of Copenhagen, CEVIA, the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority and a number of companies, including Horten.

In the project term, articles will be published on a current basis on selected subjects written by legal practitioners from the industry and specialised advisers. Partner Niels Jørgen Oggesen will participate in the project and contribute, among others, to an article on the contractor's responsibility to react in connection with projects using digital building models.

The University of Copenhagen will hold an opening conference on digital construction law on 28 September 2018.


Niels Jørgen Oggesen