Horten now offers e-learning in competition law tailored to each company.

Knowledge of the competition rules is of great value to both companies and their staff. It minimizes the risk of the rules being violated and gives the staff the correct knowledge of how to behave when doing business on behalf of the company.


If a company is being investigated by the competition authorities, it is important to know the rules. Violation of the competition rules may have serious consequence for both the company and the staff, and violation is often a result of lack of knowledge of the rules.

Training and education must be easily accessible and targeted at the company’s needs. Horten has therefore added e-learning in competition law to our portfolio of training and education to companies.

The training will give the participants knowledge of the basic elements of competition law and may be used as a supplement to the company's compliance programme. The e-learning programme is flexible and can be documented so that the company can show that relevant compliance initiatives have been implemented.


The e-learning programme is based on cases where the participants are first introduced to the relevant rules and the company’s policy. They are then presented with specific situations where they have to decide what to do by choosing between different answers. When having concluded a case, the participants will get the correct answer and an elaborating explanation.

The participants will log on via a link provided by Horten or the company. The training may take place at home and is therefore easily accessible to the company’s staff notwithstanding where they are. It only requires access to the Internet.  

The company will receive a survey of the training stating how many participated and how many gave correct answers. In this way, the company can see whether there are areas where the staff does not have sufficient knowledge of the rules and may assess whether extra efforts are required.

The training is tailored to the specific company and focuses on the relevant rules, industry-specific pitfalls and the competition authorities’ unannounced inspection visits. The training can be a general introduction to the rules or be targeted at staff groups to adapt the training to their work. The training may for instance be targeted at sales staff within the construction sector, participation in industry associations and other meetings with competitors or the market behaviour of dominant companies.

The price is agreed individually and includes planning of the training and a yearly payment for access to the training programme.

For more information, please contact attorney Marie Løvbjerg.


Andreas Christensen

Partner (H)

Marie Løvbjerg

Director, Attorney