This is a brief update on current affairs on the Danish gambling market.

This update addresses two central topics:

  • Update on the further liberalization of the Danish betting mark
  • New Guidelines from the DGA re requirements for betting and online casino

Update on the liberalization of the Danish market for horse race betting and online bingo

The Danish government has just published the draft bill for liberalization of bets on horse racing and online bingo. Horten will soon get the draft legislation translated into English. The main purpose of the liberalization of online bingo is to direct players from the unregu-lated market to a regulated market. 

Stakeholders can comment on the draft before March 30 2017.

New guidelines re application requirements for betting and online casino 

The Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) has just published new guidelines regarding the ap-plication process for betting and online casino licenses.

The new guidelines replace the previous 2011 guidelines. The guidelines are not yet availa-ble in English but an unofficial English version will be published in approximately 1-2 months. 

The new guidelines must be viewed as a general update in accordance with the latest ad-ministrative practice of the DGA. It does not seem like the guidelines changes anything central.