The state and five cities - Copenhagen, Roskilde, Odense, Vejle and Sønderborg - are ready for the Tour de France Grand Départ. If Denmark is chosen as the venue, it will be the greatest sports event ever in Denmark.

On 29 June 2017, the legal framework and the financing for hosting the Tour de France were approved. Prior to this, the five cities had also approved the legal framework of the cooperation. Denmark is therefore ready to host the Tour de France if the company behind the Tour - Amaury Sports Organisation (A.S.O.) - should choose Denmark.
The Danish offer to host the Tour de France was handed over to A.S.O. in Paris in June 2016. With the offer was a film narrated by Jørgen Leth presenting Denmark as a unique cycling nation.

The legal framework of the Tour de France Grand Départ

Parallel with the efforts to promote the Danish offer, the legal framework governing the cooperation between the state and the cities was laid down. The cooperation will take place through a consortium, of which the by-laws and finances have fallen into place between the state and the cities. If Denmark is elected host country, we will be ready!

Horten has advised the City of Copenhagen on the authority, the organisation and the negotiations concerning the consortium’s by-laws. Our advice is therefore based on our expertise on how to ensure a solid legal framework when both public  and private authorities arrange festivals, sports events, etc. Previously, we have assisted the City of Odense with the arrangement of the Tinderbox Festival.
If you have any questions concerning the cities’ support to sports and culture, you are welcome to contact us for more information on our compliance check.


Rikke Søgaard Berth


Emil Spurr Madsen

Junior Partner