A new oil and gas strategy has been set out for the Danish part of the North Sea. The strategy, which has been a long time coming, was prepared in cooperation between the industry, the DEA and GEUS to ensure optimal exploitation of the Danish resources.

There is still a great potential of oil and gas in the Danish subsoil, which should be exploited in the years to come. The cooperation initiated between the authorities and the industry now results in a long-term oil and gas strategy recommending how to exploit the resources optimally. The purpose of the work has been to review the sector’s possibilities, challenges and barriers and to prepare an interrelated strategy.


The report “The future oil and gas sector in Denmark” is a result of the strategic work and includes a survey of the key areas and recommendations aimed at increasing the potential and reducing the barriers to make use of the oil and gas potential.

The report states that there is still a significant oil and gas potential in the Danish part of the North Sea. The report also states that it is necessary to exploit the infrastructure in the North Sea better and that there is a need for more investments in research and new technologies in order to exploit that potential.


Søren Hornbæk Svendsen


Christian Tullberg

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