Phase 1 of the Open Season 2017, which ended 24 July 2017, showed sufficient demand for gas transportation – making it possible for the Baltic Pipe Project activities to continue.

The giant Baltic Pipe Project will consist of a new offshore gas pipeline connecting the Norwegian gas pipes in the North Sea to the Danish gas transmission system, of an enforcement of the Danish gas transmission system, as well as of an offshore gas pipeline across the Baltic Sea from Denmark to Poland, and of an enforcement of the Polish gas transmission system.
Energinet and GAZ-SYSTEM will now proceed with the necessary technical, environmental and economic studies and surveys in order to be able to initiate the construction of the gas pipeline, if a positive investment decision is taken in 2018.

Next milestone in the Baltic Pipe Project is the initiation of the second, binding phase of the Open Season 2017, which will be launched on 5 September 2017. As a result of this phase, the shippers are expected to commit finally to 15-year contracts for capacity.
Horten has assisted Energinet in all legal matters relating to the Open Season 2017.


Søren Hornbæk Svendsen


René Frisdahl Jensen

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