Horten participates in Copenhagen Fintech Lab’s Law Connect programme where we, together with a number of other law firms, are to assist the Lab's residents with relevant legal sparring.

In practice, representatives from Horten's Fintech group will be present at the Lab on a regular basis to provide sparring within for instance financial regulation.

The Lab is the first Fintech-focused co-working space in the Nordic countries, and it will house up to 100 Fintech start-up persons distributed on a large number of start-up businesses. Copenhagen Fintech Lab is established by the association Copenhagen FinTech and is supported by the following: The Danish Financial Services Union, the Danish Bankers Association, the City of Copenhagen, Nets, SDC, Spar Nord and Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn.  

If you have any questions about Horten's participation in Copenhagen Fintech Law or need more information on when Horten will be present at the Lab, please contact partner Lars Lüneborg.


Lars Lüneborg