This is a brief update on current affairs at the Danish gambling market.

This update addresses two issues: 

  • Status on the new Danish Anti Money Laundering Act. 
  • Update on the Swedish liberalization 

Update on the Danish implementation of the fourth Anti Money Laundering Directive – new Danish AML Act 

The Danish government has specified the scope of application of the Danish AML Act in relation to gambling operators. Thus all gambling operators holding a Danish gambling license are deemed to be established in Denmark in accordance with the principle of the fourth AML Directive. The effect is that an operator holding a Danish gambling license will be subject to the new Danish AML Act, and under the supervision of the Danish authorities. The rules apply to both operators holding a betting and/or a casino license.

It is still expected that the new Danish AML Act will come into force on June 26th 2017.

Update on the Swedish liberalization

Friday 31st of March 2017 the Swedish Inquiry released a report about liberalization of the Swedish gambling market set for medio 2018. The report includes a recommendation for a new Swedish Gambling Act. The recommendation is inspired by the Danish regulation.

The report is in Swedish but we refer to the English summary on page 45-71. Please find a link to the report here.