From 1 December 2016, the Personal Data Act became effective in Greenland at the request of the Greenland Home Rule. The Act replaces the data protection legislation from 1978, which has applied in Greenland until now.

The Greenlandic version is generally similar to the Danish Personal Data Act; however, it deviates on certain points: The Act does not include the courts' consideration of personal data, and the special rules on TV surveillance have been left out as the TV Surveillance Act does not apply to Greenland.

The Act came into force on 1 December 2016 by Order in Council, but private persons already processing personal data prior to the coming into force of the Act are simply to register and obtain permission before 1 December 2019 in accordance with the transition rules.

In continuation of the Act, four executive orders related to the Act will also become effective in Greenland, and the Data Protection Agency expects to publish a major guideline to citizens, companies and authorities.

Horten has advised a number of Greenlandic companies and authorities on questions pertaining to personal data legislation, for instance whistleblower arrangements and the general compliance and observance of the disclosure requirements.