On 26 February 2016, Horten and Nuna Law Firm hosted a conference with focus on public-private investments in Greenland.

The interest in the conference was overwhelming with approx. 120 participants, including representatives from all parts of social life and the business community in Denmark and Greenland; everybody having an interest in development and growth in Greenland and how projects in Greenland may be organised financially and operationally.

The participants included the Greenland minister of finance and mineral resources, Randi Vestergaard Evaldsen, and representatives of all four municipalities in Greenland – Qassuitsup, Qeqqa, Sermersooq and Kujalleq, who were all represented by their senior officials, and the Municipality of Qassuitup Kommunia by mayor Ole Dorph.

There are a number of important projects in the pipeline in Greenland within the energy sector, the transport sector, telecommunications and housing development - all projects requiring major infrastructure and capital investments, which may be performed as PPP projects.

At the conference, some interesting "hands-on" presentations were given by persons with practical experience in PPP projects in Denmark. For example on urban development in Frederikssund by Claus Steen Madsen, who is head of the technical, environmental and business department of the Municipality of Frederikssund, and on the new Campus Carlsberg by Jonas Kjær-Westermann, who is project director at University College UCC .

Horten advises on a number of PPP projects, and three partners from Horten, attorney Rikke Søgaard Berth, attorney Peter Bisgaard and attorney Claus Bennetsen, provided insight into PPP models and how they have been applied in Denmark.

We were also very pleased to be able to present PPP in a Greenland perspective by means of a number of interesting presentations from Greenland, including Peter Beck from the Finance Department of the Greenland Home Rule, who described the economy in Greenland. Martin Kviesgaard, CEO of GrønlandsBANKEN, supplemented with examples of completed and potential investments, and Karsten Høy, CEO of Greenland Venture, described how development in Greenland is supported with venture capital.

It was a very inspiring day, and we are looking forward to continuing our work together with Nuna Law Firm to introduce PPP projects as a tool for performing large and important development and infrastructure projects in Greenland.


Søren Hornbæk Svendsen


Rikke Søgaard Berth


Claus Bennetsen

Partner (L)

Klavs Gravesen

Partner (L)