At Horten's Corporate Day 2016 on 16 March, Danish and foreign executives and experts gave their views on the trends and opportunities of the Danish business sector. Horten will repeat the success next year with Horten Corporate Day 2017.

With interesting companies like Tryg, Lunar Way, Google and 3Shape speaking at the conference, the many attendants gained insight into how Tryg operates M&A to create growth in a competitive sector. Carsten Buch Sivertsen, Head of M&A at Tryg, spoke about which types of M&A create value - and what the purchaser should pay special attention to.

The start-up business Lunar Way is challenging the way we traditionally think, and Lunar Way's CEO, Ken Villum Klausen, gave an entertaining talk as to how the digital generation of "millenials" - young people born around the millennial change - will rather visit the dentist than talk to a financial adviser. Millenials will challenge the classic banking virtues, and Lunar Way's mobile banking concept is aimed at their needs.

Google's Director of Public Policy, Iarla Flynn, spoke about the company's many ground-breaking technological projects and also participated in the debate as to how Denmark may create growth - for instance by small and medium-sized enterprises becoming far better at using the new technology for e-commerce.

Flemming Thorup from 3Shape spoke about the high-technological company's growth in relation to the innovation of the software production and the 3D scanning technology, including the development and production in Denmark and abroad.

The Minister of Business and Growth, Troels Lund Poulsen, presented his perspective on what it takes to create favourable growth conditions for Danish companies, and he provided insight into future governmental initiatives. Tine Roed, CEO of Dansk Industri, spoke about the organisation's targets for 2015 and its recommendations in relation to reforms.

We are already looking forward to repeating the success next year at "Horten Corporate Day 2017".


Lise Lotte Hjerrild