This is a brief update on current affairs at the Danish gambling market.

The DGA has announced the final requirements for the Annual Accounts 2015, which most Danish Licensees must prepare.

The details of the DGA’s final requirements can be found in the DGA’s Newsletter no. 29 here.

The central elements in the DGA’s request for information in the Annual Accounts for 2015 are:

  • Danish Licensees are no longer required to publish the Annual Accounts; in-stead, the Annual Accounts must be sent directly to the DGA. The Annual Ac-counts must be prepared in Danish.
  • Deadline for submission is 31 May 2016.

  • Requested key figures. Examples are:

- A P&L account (profit and losses account) containing economical key figures, such as (i) gross gambling revenue, (ii) betting and online casi-no duties, (iii) gross profit, (iv) income before tax, (v) net income, etc.
- Number of registered players divided into gender
- Distribution key of marketing in percentage of the marketing budget to the Danish market
- Allocation of bonuses
- Number of complaints and the average processing time for complaints

  • Requested report on compliance with the legislative requirements. Examples are:

- Management’s report
- Responsible gambling measures
- Measures to combat money laundering and terrorist financing
- Measures to reduce the risk of match fixing

The Annual Accounts 2015 must be signed by a person authorised to sign for the Dan-ish Licensee, and documentation for the person’s authorisation must be enclosed.

Compared to the requirements for the Annual Accounts 2014, the DGA now focuses less on gaming related key figures while having increased the focus on traditional eco-nomical key figures by introducing the P&L account. Further, this year, the DGA is more interested in marketing information, such as the Licensee’s marketing expenses and distribution key of marketing in percentage of the marketing budget to the Danish market.

The basis for the DGA’s request for information in the Annual Account is Section 43(2) of the Danish Gambling Act, which states that in the second and subsequent years of providing gambling in Denmark, Licensees will have to submit the following to the DGA:

“(…) an annual account including the enterprise's key figures and a re-port on how the licence holder has complied with the legislative require-ments.”